It’s about time I updated this site. I go through stints of bothering with it; which is very common I find with a lot of people who still blog.

However, as I’m using Twitter less and less (can’t put my finger on why) and I like to keep my Facebook more private than most… it’s about time I bothered once more.

So, new theme. Went off, got the Octostrap theme. It’s awesome and well worth it.

I did look at Octopress 3 - but I don’t like the way it works. The approach of using rake still works for me and it seems like separating things for the sake of doing so… bit like something Hubot has done over the past year too.

As for the ‘new start’ - I’m going to try and blog more. Adding to that I do have a Tumblr I post random things to as well which may be more up to date.

In fact - ways to find stuff I’m doing are:

And because it does happen…