My name is Lee Packham, I’ve been working in IT for well over 15 years; before that it was a serious hobby where as a teenager I wrote more than a couple of articles.

I live in Central London, although I am from the South Coast of England from a small town called Shoreham-By-Sea (it’s about 10 miles West of Brighton).

I just finished a couple of years as VP Engineering at Multiplay down near Southampton but also up in London. They were purchased by GAME Digital PLC in 2015 - in part for the awesome work around online services they do.

Before that I rejoined Green Man Gaming as their CTO / EVP Engineering. Green Man Gaming is an independent digital distribution platform for PC games based in the UK. Green Man Gaming works with retailers, etailers, social networks and media companies to generate substantial revenue through a unique and innovative digital solution.

For the majority of 2011 I was a software engineer for Twitter. I moved over as part of TweetDeck joining Twitter in May, 2011. I joined TweetDeck in January 2011 and am proud to part of it all! Great team, great company, great product. In April, 2011 the fruits of my labour were released into the world and was used by tens of thousands of people almost instantly. TweetDeck for iOS was a very successful launch.

Before that I was an IT Consultant. I had a number of clients, notably Green Man Gaming.

Before starting in consulting, I worked for a company called TNWA Group which was a small, new, company targeting online gaming communities and providing them with sites and technology to make their experience better. I was employee number 2 there and was the first technical person. Quite a challenge I can assure you! I was the head of everything Anti-Cheat in the company. Which was fantastic fun.

Before that I worked for Elekta. They build linear accelerators to help treat cancer. I spent the bulk of my career, so far, there. I was a Software Engineer. In Elekta speak it means I architected, designed and built parts of the system. I specialised in the databases (I wrote a custom replication engine designed for medical data) and Operating Systems and Deployment. In short - I got to make Windows do stuff it probably shouldn’t be doing.