Samba Client for Win32

(C)2004 Lee Packham

Samba is a suite of tools designed to allow Unix variants to access Windows shares and for Unix itself to emulate a Windows NT Server/Doman Controller.

It comes with a useful tool called smbclient(1) that allows the user to access Windows shares as if they were FTP Servers. It can also be used as part of a script to automatically transfer files between Unix and Windows shares.

This can also be extremely useful for Windows. In Windows the user is unable to transfer files to shares directly from a command prompt. Well, they can, but only if the drive has been mapped! I also thought it would be nice to specify exactly what username and password to connect with as that is something else you can specifically do in Windows.

This port requires Cygwin.


As this is a patch of the Samba source code, this is released under the GNU GPL license that is described here.



Source Patch