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Be Careful What You Throwaway…

This is why you should always be careful what you throw in the trash. ALWAYS SHRED YOUR STUFF. This guy, and a guy on the other side of the road, systematically working their way up said road scavenging.

Grrr I Broke the Short URL Link

No biggy. Was updating the blog this morning and hit Update Framework. Of course, that blats my custom change for doing leepa.co links on the short URL link below each post. I will fix it later.

TechCrunch Give TweetDeck for iOS a ‘Fly’

Very proud of this. TechCrunch do a Fly or Die review of the TweetDeck for iOS that I’ve been working on at TweetDeck for the last 3 months. They give it a fly.

The new TweetDeck for iPhone still lets you add as many columns as you want and swipe through to view different streams, but you also get a unified Home column, which can combine your Twitter and Facebook streams into one. The app has nice subtle touches, such as the diagonal swipe to see more Tweets from the same account (my favorite). And instead of timestamps cluttering each Tweet, the timestamp changes at the top as you scroll through your stream. If you want to jump to the top to the most recent Tweet, just tap the actual time (yeah, someone had to point that one out to me too, but these are the kinds of hidden features power users love).

Windows Update Fail

Got the Windows Update reboot loop of death this morning. You know, where it fails to install updates and rolls back. To fix…

  • Uncheck KB982018 and install all other updates
  • Reboot
  • Install KB982018 on its own
  • Reboot And you’re done.

Yes, really, it’s that stupid. Enjoy!

WTB Photos in the iPhone Simulator?

Simple but not obvious.

  1. Load up simulator
  2. Grab a finder window
  3. Drag jpg/png into iPhone Simulator window
  4. It’ll open up Safari
  5. Long click on Image
  6. Save Image
  7. (If this is the first time on this emulator) Long click on Image and Save Image again This way you can use the picker and everything. Great. Better than the solutions of random folders in ~/Library I think